RAV (Membership)

The Vietnam Hospitality Network aims to be the pioneer in Restaurant Association in Vietnam. Our members are ranging from middle to high-end restaurants, representing more than hundreds of brands. Despite the differences in business models of each member, we – HTS group work together with VHN towards the common goal to drive the foodservice industry of Vietnam forward.

At RAV, we provide the tools and systems that allow our members to navigate their issues and thus helping them to overcome the obstacles. By doing so, our members will be able to operate their businesses more effectively, leading to better growth and achieve more successes.


To encourage the growth of the foodservice industry while retaining its excellence through a series of membership programs that not only promote the basic needs, but also appeal to the aspirations of Vietnam's food and beverage community.


To be the leader that will lead Vietnam’s food and beverage industry into a new era of prosperity, hence promoting Vietnam as the ‘Kitchen of the World’.
Benefits for RAVer
  • Tools, solutions, and consultant
  • Education, networking, and investment
  • Well-trained manpower
  • Research and insight
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