Course Image Basic Hotel Revenue Management

It’s time to uncover the mystery of hotel revenue management. We would like to popularize revenue management knowledge to hospitality community. Currently, only 4-5 stars international hotel chains are applying revenue management in their business. Most of independent hotels & resorts still don't know much about it. The course is developed by Thuan Dao who has 15+ years’ experience in Hotel Revenue Management, Reservations and Sales. Hoteliers read a lot of materials, articles and documents about hotel revenue management on the internet. However, many of them give feedbacks that they don't know how to apply it into the practice even though they understand the whole concept of revenue management. Therefore, besides giving you hotel revenue management knowledge, this course will also guide you in details how to apply it into the practice of hotel business. This is a big difference that we want to bring into this course. It's based on real experience of the expert and best practices in the industry, not just in theory. 

Course Image Professional Reservation Sales Agent

Many hoteliers are not aware that Reservations Agents are salespersons. They just simply think Reservations Agents doing an order taker’s job. After learning this course, you will be surprised to know that Reservations team could be a productive sales force for your hotel if they are well trained to sell on the phone. I was a reservations manager for international five stars hotel in a long time and I was trained well to train my reservations team to become professional reservations sales agents. So, I want to share these knowledge, skills and techniques to those who are working in Reservations Department or those ones are in charge of Reservations Department in the hotel. You will know exactly in detail how to train your reservation team to be professional Reservations Sales Agents. This course shall be used for the on job training in Hotel Reservations Department.