BAA Program in Hotel and Hospitality Management
(Level 4 & 5)


The British Awarding Association (BAA) Program in Hospitality and Hotel Management covers courses in two levels: Level 4 (operation-based) and Level 5 (management-based). Both provide a wide range of skills and knowledge based on contemporary hospitality and hotel practices in real world settings, which can be directly applied to workplace.

The modules have been designed on sound pedagogical structures to ensure that the learning is engaging, motivating, and enjoyable. Throughout the programs, students undertake all of BAA Units, written against Ofqual, RQF outcomes (a framework which awards credit for qualifications in the United Kingdom), and upon the completion of the courses, they will be awarded a BAA Diploma which allows them to apply for top-notch universities in the UK.

BAA Program

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Values of the BAA Program

Part of the Ofqual, including the program structure, university pathways, and the content of all the Units, the BAA Program stands out with the following features:

  • 100% job guarantee
  • Affordable tuition
  • Flexible schedule (online curriculum)
  • Integrated modules (online, offline workshops, on-the-job training, projects, and many other distinct features)
  • The first program in Vietnam to result from the collaboration between HTS Group and MBA Institute
    (a BAA-certified center in Southeast Asia)
  • Internationally recognized program structures, curricula, and certifications
  • Close networks with hotels and restaurants who are in high demand for internship and employment
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