Why Hospitality & Tourism Academy?

Hospitality & Tourism Academy (HTA) is a professional institution featuring excellences in Hospitality and Tourism education and training. With the vision of developing highly qualified human resources in aspects such as Food, Tourism, Hospitality, and Travel, we CREATE a Multi-dimensional Interactive E-learning Portal where all students have an opportunity to IMMERSE in educational & training programs, DEVELOP career orientation & vision, IMPROVE skills & knowledge, and FOSTER their career paths.

Be Successful at Hospitality & Toursim Academy

  • With our flexible schedule: we’re committed to providing a learning environment geared for working adult students with flexible formats such as hybrid, workshops, seminars, and internships.
  • With our mentorship program: students can easily gain benefits from learning with professionals currently working in the industry.
  • With our dedicated networking: we provide our students with a solid network that has been developed for over a decade to equip them with skills and expertise.

Are you still wondering who we are and what exactly we are doing?

Why not join us now? HTA, where your journey to the exciting yet rewarding world of Hospitality and Tourism embarks!

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