MHM Poland

Master of Science in Hospitality Management (MHM)
University of Information Technology ad Management Poland (UITM)


The Master of Science in Hospitality Management program gives its graduates the skills and knowledge to manage the world’s top hotels and hospitality companies. The program is a combination of both academic research and practice, allowing the students to look at the hospitality industry from different perspectives.

UITM is known as one of the leaders in innovative education as well as being the best university in southeast Poland. It has one of the most complex campuses for hospitality students - the Centre for Tourism and Recreation in Kielnarowa. The program adopts the Hybrid study model, where students undertake both online and offline courses organised by HTS Group and its partner - MBA Institute.

In addition, by obtaining Master degree from UITM, it is guaranteed that the door to the world’s most prestigious international hospitality chains is opened for you.


  • Degree from top private university in Poland.
  • One of the biggest hospitality campuses in Poland with world-class facilities.
  • Flexible study & innovative learning.
  • Affordable tuition fees.
  • Increased employability.
  • Internationally recognized program structures, curricula, and degree.

How the program works

Program duration
12 months
Course length
1 month
Number of courses
12 courses + 1 capstone project
Class size
15-20 students
Online + Workshops

What you will learn

Advanced business management courses

Marketing Management

Managerial Finance and Accounting


Business Development Management

Strategic Management

Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

Concentration courses

Hospitality Facilities Management

Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Hospitality

Food & Beverage Management

Hospitality Project Management

Graduation courses

Business Research

Capstone Project


  • A bachelor’s degree major in management/administration from an accredited institution or
  • An associate degree major in management/administration with at least 2 years of experience or
  • A diploma major in management/administration from a vocational school with at least 5 years of experience.
  • English proficiency for self-research.

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