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Hospitality & Tourism Academy (HTA) is a professional institution featuring excellences in Hospitality and Tourism education and training. Through parallel development of both micro-scale and macro-scale projects, HTA is aiming to elevate.

Vision and Mission

With the vision of developing highly qualified human resources in aspects such as Food, Tourism, Hospitality, and Travel, we CREATE a Multi-dimensional Interactive E-learning Portal where all students have an opportunity to:

  • IMMERSE in educational & training programs
  • DEVELOP career orientation & vision
  • IMPROVE skills & knowledge
  • FOSTER their career paths

Objective and Core Values

Through promoting the multi-dimensional interactive platform on an open e-learning portal, HTA creates a cooperation model between 5 parties include: Young manpower, Enterprises, Education & Training institutes, Mentors/ Experts and Government agencies. The connection of this model will provide specific enhanced values for all parties

  • Young Manpower:
- Accumulate professional foundation knowledge and skills from training syllabus at school - Form a suitable career development orientation through interaction with leading experts - Experience practical Hospitality environment with internships at international enterprises

  • Training Institutes:
- Collaborates with experts/ managers to conduct efficient orientations and mentoring for students/ trainees. - Cooperates with leading enterprises in internship trainings to develop practical values for manpower development - Promotes self-reputation in education and training through becoming reliable sources of high-quality manpower

  • Mentors/ Experts:
- Support valuable expertises to institutes, enterprises and government in forming career orientations for future generations of manpower.

  • Government Agencies:
- Observe and supervise closely with progress rate of enacted plans and directions for the development of high-quality human resource. - Provide strategic counseling for all participating parties in promoting the sustainable growth of the Hospitality industry in Vietnam

  • Enterprises:
- Reduce recruitment and training costs - Supported in creating elite high-quality manpower team - Develop highly-skilled professional management team - Promote recruitment and training branding on the market

Are you still wondering who we are and what exactly we are doing?

Why not join us now? HTA, where your journey to the exciting yet rewarding world of Hospitality and Tourism embarks!

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