RAV (Training Membership)


Restaurant Association of Vietnam (RAV) Initiative is part of the Vietnam Hospitality Network (VHN), an organization that aims to amplify the Vietnam hospitality industry. Together with Hospitality & Tourism Solutions Group (HTS Group), University of Business & International Studies (UBIS), and many global partners, we are aspiring to elevate the country’s catering industry towards a flourishing era.

At RAV, we provide management tools including training, auditing, and manpower for catering businesses to navigate and overcome obstacles. Through our programs as well as courses and workshops, we can ensure our clients the most effective operation thus leading to a gain in competitive advantage and profit as well as a promising sustainable development.


Our mission is to support and encourage the growth of foodservice industry in Vietnam, which has already possessed its tremendous potential. Through courses and workshops, we are ambitious about exploiting those opportunities for our clients then ultimately enhancing the Vietnam catering industry.


To be the pioneer and leader that guides Vietnam catering industry towards its blooming era – delivering Vietnam the name “Kitchen of the World”.

For more details about RAV, please visit our website: http://rav.vn/vi

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